Demon of the Underground

Sunday, October 16, 2011

8/15/2011 Incentive, and Exciting News

Animated WIP shots of page 2!

And a new incentive is up at TopWebComics as well!

Nanomango is in just a couple of weeks, though - so I better start thinking! I'll probably be working on Ludwig the Rock for nano; it's always my November project, while DOTU is my June project. Usually the inspiration doesn't hit me until a few days before nanomango starts. Right now I have very little interest in working on Ludwig, but I know that'll change as the time draws nearer.

In recent news, a few weeks ago I signed my first short story contract with Dreamspinner Press! It's called The Dragon Tamer. It's quite different from DOTU, but I still hope y'all might still give it a shot! Just a heads-up, it's an m/m fantasy romance, and it's sad! (DOTU has its down and dirty moments, but it's certainly not "sad.")

I'll post more details about this along the way. I'm excited to see how the editing process works out, and so on. Also, I'm doing my own cover art! I finished it on Friday; I'll post it closer to the story's release.


  1. Love seeing your process. I might do up one of these myself for one of my crazier pages.

    Also, curious about your Nano stuff. Is there a link to read previous pages and will you be posting the new stuff here or...?

  2. @CJ Joughin You should totally do one! I think it's really cool to see how people work, but I don't have the patience or the schedule to watch live streams, so I like simple wip sequence shots or animated gifs. I'm really curious to know how you work!

    I pretty much only post my nano stuff to the livejournal community, because I don't want to show spoilers to my general audience. Basically I use nano to build up my buffer for pencils, so all the DOTU pages I do will eventually end up on this site.

    I want to get Ludwig printed through a publisher once it's done, so I haven't posted it anywhere beyond the nano group. I need to figure out exactly what my "marketing plan" is for it. I have 61 pages penciled, but none finished. Maybe I'll post a few process and/or finished pages of Ludwig sometime, to build some interest. It's actually always been more popular than DOTU during the nano rounds. I think it has more commercial appeal.

  3. @CJ Joughin Ooh I forgot, I posted the Ludwig pages to my own LJ too. You're on my friends list, so you should be able to see them.

    Pages 1-30

    Pages 31-61