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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exciting November Voting Drive

Here's the gist:
*I'm giving away a free DOTU Underground Card Deck!
*I'm giving away three free signed prints!
*If DOTU ends November in the top 100 at TopWebComics, throughout December I'll update the comic twice weekly instead of once!

The details:

-Starting November 1, when you vote for my comic at TWC, you will see a "word of the day" on the thank you page. There will be a new word every day. Put together in order, the words will form a special message.

-On November 30 at 8pm CT, I will post an entry to the Demonblog. Simply reply to the entry using the 30-word special message to win!

First Prize (1):
The first person to reply to the entry with the 30-word special message will win a free DOTU card deck AND a signed print of their choice from my Imagekind print gallery.
Runner Up Prize (2)
The second and third person to post the message will receive a free signed print of their choice (but not a card deck).

-As a thank you to everyone for voting, if DOTU ends November in the top 100 at TopWebComics, throughout December I'll update the comic on Mondays and Thursdays instead of just Mondays - starting Thursday 12/1. This means there would be 9 new pages in December instead of 4.

The fine print:

-The new word will be put up on my TWC page at roughly 2am CT, the same time that voting refreshes.
-Contest is open to anyone from any country.
-In order to win, you must post all 30 words correctly. It's okay if the spelling is wrong, but I have to be able to tell that the word itself is right.
-In order to claim the prize, you will need to provide an address for me to send the card deck and/or print. I promise I'm not a stalker or criminal and will not use your address for any other purpose!
-Although the winners can choose any piece of artwork from my Imagekind gallery, the signed prints will not be printed through Imagekind. I'll be using my own printer, which is of professional quality.
-Prints will be roughly 8x10, depending on the dimensions of the artwork. The portrait of Annie, ferret portrait, and cockatiel portrait may be slightly smaller than the others.
-FYI - if for some reason you vote but miss or forget the word of the day, you can vote again in the same day in order to see it. The second vote won't count towards DOTU's total, but it'll give you a chance to see the word again.
-Guesses are welcome! :)
-If you have any questions, please reply to this entry or send me an email at bob (at)


In other news, I've put up a new incentive - the pencil sketch for page 18 of DOTU. Vote!

And here's the incentive image from 8/22:


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