Demon of the Underground

Friday, August 20, 2010

About "Demon of the Underground"

A bit of background for the many many people who aren't familiar with this project...

"Demon of the Underground" is a story about a small-framed but big-mouthed dude named Pogo who falls through a hole in the ground and finds himself stuck in an underground society where survival is based on strength and intimidation.

This story is the sister comic to "Unholy," another comic that I've been working on (very slowly) for several years. They share the same main character, except that "Demon" takes place roughly five years before "Unholy." However, one does not have to read either of the comics in order to understand the other. "Demon" deals with a portion of Pogo's back story that isn't covered throughout the course of "Unholy."

I first started working on "Demon" as part of the June 2010 round of Nanomango, a challenge to draw 30 comic pages in 30 days. After completing the challenge, I decided that I wanted to continue the story and share it with readers on a regular basis. What I publish on a weekly basis will be a slightly cleaner version of what I did for Nanomango.

Here's some of the concept art I put together at the beginning of the project (click to view larger):


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