Demon of the Underground

Monday, July 4, 2011

BikesBikesBikes... and East Sphere Peeps

So what have I been up to in the many many days since the end of Nanomango? Eh... working. And inking/coloring pages. I'm still holding off on releasing the finished pages until 7/11 for my website and 7/18 everywhere else, but that can't stop me from posting other junk here!

I've completed 65 penciled pages so far, and in the next batch of pages I'll be drawing, I'll have to address the question of transportation for people underground. The answer? Because of the narrow passages down there, everyone rides motorcycles. Or at least, everyone who's lucky enough to have a vehicle has a motorcycle. (Pogo, you're gonna have to hitch a ride on the back of Samsid's! ;)

So here's a bunch of bike designs for the various spheres and people in them.

Oh, and a little sketch of Samsid's crew, which Pogo has the joy of meeting in Chapter 1, part 3! From left to right:
--Merritt - senior officer, formerly from the North Sphere. He was captured in battle by the East, and it's only thanks to Troy arguing on his behalf that Samsid didn't kill him.
--Jackal - a fighter, usually working under Jordana. He's kind of a psycho and doesn't always follow orders.
--Samsid/Pogo - We already know them!
--Jordana - junior officer, who I presume to be the most careless person in Samsid's military judging by the number of scars she has. ^_^ She's freshly promoted after being a fighter for a few years.
Troy - general. We met him for a brief moment in Chapter 1, Part 2. He's a douche. He wants to be --Samsid's second in command, or better yet, a king.
--Littlehands - a fighter, usually working under Merritt. He's a very formidable fighter, and he also loves knitting and embroidery.


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